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A proud graduate of The Evergreen State College, Cristina is a political scientist, activist, blogger, critical theorist, feminist and vegan, although not necessarily in that order. With a post-graduate degree in project management, international cooperation and development from the UOC, Barcelona, and a masters in central and south eastern European studies from UCL, London, Cristina has worked for non-governmental organizations in the United States, El Salvador, Spain, Serbia and the United Kingdom. Her primary research interests include the political history of eastern Europe (with a specific focus on the Balkans and the Caucasus), nationalism and secessionist movements, post-conflict peace building, Roma rights and culture, the development of grass-roots social movements, social justice, participatory democracy, Marxism, e-democracy, the philosophy of cinema and media 2.0. Her blog, izrazdealternmundo, documents projects developed as alternatives to the capitalist financial system since the beginning of the current global financial crisis. She speaks English, Spanish and Serbo-Croatian, and is currently attempting to improve her knowledge of Russian. In her spare time Cristina can be found reading, writing, travelling, consuming copious amounts of tea and coffee, cycling through urban landscapes, experimenting with raw-food and vegan nutritional remedies and performing tribal fusion belly dance. She is currently based in Hackney, London, but hopes to move to T’bilisi, Georgia in the near future.
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Esa Salamanquesa: Madrid’s Latest Experiment in Pedagogical Liberation

In a world in which over 2 billion tonnes of food are wasted each year while 15 million children die of hunger; in which the homeless seeking shelter are forcibly removed from the millions of abandoned buildings in Europe’s urban centres, it is refreshing to encounter attempts at reusing the discarded and putting it to … Continue reading

Focal Local: October’s Most Inspiring Free Event

After several months of silence and a few short weeks of summer weather, it seems that a sense of community was brought back to the city of London this weekend through the brave and noble efforts of a few dedicated individuals.  September was an uncertain and daunting month as squatters throughout the country debated the … Continue reading

Earth First Movement Visits London!

A week ago I took some time out of my hectic schedule to attend an event put on by some of the wonderful volunteers that run the completely unfunded DIY (do it yourself) 56a infoshop, a social centre and radical bookshop based in south London http://www.56a.org.uk Because the infoshop is quite a small space, crammed … Continue reading

#M12: The Evolution Of A Movement Here To Stay!

Today, on the one year anniversary of the indignados movement in Spain, people from around the world representing the global Occupy movement went onto the streets to say ENOUGH to the corrupt capitalist economic system that has lead the world into a global financial crisis, making the lives of the majority of the world’s citizens … Continue reading

Occupy to Save Leyton Marshes: Local Environmental Destruction in the Name of London’s Olympic Legacy

As a resident of Leyton (Waltham Forest Council-London), one can easily imagine my concern over the coming Olympic Games that will be taking place in a matter of months just a stone’s throw from my home. As the city prepared for the Olympic Games over the past year, I witnessed the complete reconstruction of Stratford … Continue reading

Ruigoord Artist Colony, Still Going Strong Nearly 40 years On!

I stumbled upon the Ruigoord artist colony one grey spring morning in Amsterdam, after the colony had held one of its famous trance music parties in the church on its spacious green property. Contrary to what one might imagine a hippy community would look like on an after-party Sunday when the sun is barely shining … Continue reading

New Squatting Law Debated in House of Lords!

The Occupy Movement may have taken the world by surprise, but if there is one city that is accustomed to having space occupied its London. The fact that squatting is so widespread in the United Kingdom should come as a surprise to no one considering the excessive number of empty buildings this onetime empire has … Continue reading

And here goes my blog…

As 2012 (that fatal year in which many are convinced the world will change drastically or possibly come to an end offering all of the 7billion people on earth the possibility of a spiritual awakening) creeps nearer to its midway point, one can’t help but ponder the identifying feature of this supposedly spectacular year. On … Continue reading

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