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And here goes my blog…

As 2012 (that fatal year in which many are convinced the world will change drastically or possibly come to an end offering all of the 7billion people on earth the possibility of a spiritual awakening) creeps nearer to its midway point, one can’t help but ponder the identifying feature of this supposedly spectacular year. On a recent visit to Spain to see my father the news was awash with one increasingly important catch word CRISIS. News reports on March, 18th 2012 attested to the fact that many children under the age of 10 claim to have heard of LA CRISIS! The economic crisis that has spread across the globe, hitting Europe especially hard, has even become commodified in many instances as ingenuitive entrepreneurs utilize the crisis craze to boost their chances of doing business. Silly adds with catch phrases like ‘Prices to Beat the Crisis’ scatter the subway systems of most European capitals. For those young people, myself included, who began our professional careers within the last 5 years as the crisis was just beginning to transform into a household name, the prospects are every day more bleak.

When I moved to London nearly 2 years ago it was with the intention of taking the necessary steps to get a better more satisfying job. I assumed that going to study my M.A at one of the best universities on the continent and searching for employment in a large international city was the right step to take. Two internships and half a M.A later I began to notice how many young people between the ages of 20-30 are in the exact same position as I am. Another thing I noticed which began to fascinate me more and more was the variety of ways people were putting their talents and creative energy to good use outside of the labour market. As finding self-realization in your job is becoming more and more difficult for the under 30s, people have found a million different ways to challenge the system, contribute to the community, use their skills, make contacts and in general raise very valid questions about why your inalienable creative capacities are only given value and recognition through money.

The Occupy movement worldwide has been the most vocal and most visible in postulating this challenge. The overwhelming amount of books, newspapers, online blogs, tweets, community projects, free schools, urban gardening initiatives, video installations, guerrilla theatre and reading groups, just to name a few, that have sprung up out of the Occupy movement is overwhelming. As the formal economy offers less and less opportunities the grassroots, underground, Do IT Yourself culture has begun to offer more and more, and its economy is booming! That’s why I decided to make another one of these initiatives in a very humble attempt to document it all! This blog is dedicated to all of these projects, social movements and the general creative burst that is springing up and spreading out across the globe. Its also dedicated to all the alternative ways of living and consuming that people are experimenting with more every day.

Is the economic crisis just what 2012 needed to make the promise of transformation and awakening a reality? Maybe so!


About Cristina Maza

A proud graduate of The Evergreen State College, Cristina is a political scientist, activist, blogger, critical theorist, feminist and vegan, although not necessarily in that order. With a post-graduate degree in project management, international cooperation and development from the UOC, Barcelona, and a masters in central and south eastern European studies from UCL, London, Cristina has worked for non-governmental organizations in the United States, El Salvador, Spain, Serbia and the United Kingdom. Her primary research interests include the political history of eastern Europe (with a specific focus on the Balkans and the Caucasus), nationalism and secessionist movements, post-conflict peace building, Roma rights and culture, the development of grass-roots social movements, social justice, participatory democracy, Marxism, e-democracy, the philosophy of cinema and media 2.0. Her blog, izrazdealternmundo, documents projects developed as alternatives to the capitalist financial system since the beginning of the current global financial crisis. She speaks English, Spanish and Serbo-Croatian, and is currently attempting to improve her knowledge of Russian. In her spare time Cristina can be found reading, writing, travelling, consuming copious amounts of tea and coffee, cycling through urban landscapes, experimenting with raw-food and vegan nutritional remedies and performing tribal fusion belly dance. She is currently based in Hackney, London, but hopes to move to T’bilisi, Georgia in the near future.


2 thoughts on “And here goes my blog…

  1. Muy bien escrito, estoy de acuerdo con todo. Soy Americano, perdone mis errores de español. Me parece extraño que el website sea en español, mientras que el commentario de Senora Maza es en ingles — lo que prefiero. Don’t get me wrong, I’m delighted the blog is in English, reading Spanish is a struggle for me.

    David, Mercer County, NJ

    Posted by David | April 20, 2012, 5:10 pm
    • Thank you David! Mil Gracias! I hand´t realized the blog appeared in Spanish to everyone! I thought that was just for my own administrative purposes! Thanks for pointing that out! I try to translate everything I write in English and Spanish, but for the sake of expedience I thought it best to keep the blog in English so more people can understand. If you have anything you´d like me to hear about social movements, local initiatives, events or anything of interest happening in N.J please pass it on!

      Posted by cristinamaza | April 20, 2012, 9:50 pm

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